Roof Problems In New England

Roofs in New England face a unique challenge, 4 very different seasons and the elements that come along with it.

Winter can bring Ice Dams, moisture and thaw can bring harmful moss, algae, and fungus. No matter the season a roof in New England that isn’t properly cared for can produce problems for the home owner.

Below you will find a list of problems roofs in the New England states face, and some background information on how these problems come about, how they can be identified, and what to do about them.

IceDamIce Dams

It is no secret that a New England Winter can produce snow and ice. Not only isn’t it a secret it is inevitable. For that reason you need to know what to look for when trying to combat and eliminate the possibilities of ice dams all together.
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Moss may not be as harmful to roofs in New England as some other growths, but can still be quite pesky. Roof moss can collect dirt, debris, and other growths that land on the roof. Moss can even facilitate ice dams in winter months.
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When algae begins to grow on your roof it will cause some dark discoloration. Sometimes it can be mistaken for soot or tree droppings, but algae discoloration usually produces streaks.
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If your roof features asphalt shingles, you have increased chances of developing lichen on your new England roof as lichen feeds on limestone which is the base product of asphalt shingles.
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