Roof Moss in New England

When you are thinking about problems associated with your roof, moss isn’t always considered one of the most harmful. The moss itself may not be considered dangerous, but it can bring about other issues with your roof that could lead to serious damage.

How Does Moss Form on New England Roofs?

mossMoss can form on your roof when conditions become damp and there is significant shade over the roof. Homeowners can avoid moss growth by removing leaves and tree branches from the roof. These organic materials provide for moisture to buildup and cause damp conditions allowing for moss to grow. If you can keep your roof clear, and trim trees and bushes to allow more sunlight, you may be able to keep your roof moss free.

Moss Can Create Problems for Your Roof

While moss may not be looked at as one of the more harmful growths that can appear on your roof, it can be unsightly and create an opening for other things damage your roof.

Moss tends to collect dirt, debris, and other growths that land on your roof and some may even take root. Moss can also trap water and ice on your roof and facilitate the formation of harmful ice dams that can cause even more serious damage to your roof.

Free Roofing Estimate

If moss has already taken hold of your roof, it may be time to replace the roof. United Home Experts would be happy to provide a free in home estimate, that would help you to better understand the cost of a new roof for your home. Schedule one today by calling (508)689-7637.