Roofing & Solar Panels

The alternative energy/ solar power industry is booming right now. Homeowners in New England are looking to reduce their energy bills by installing solar panels on their roofs across the region.

Installing solar panels is a great idea, but it is important that your home’s roof meets the appropriate standards to have those solar panels installed. United Home Experts works with solar installers across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire to ensure a worry free solar installation at your home.

Structural Analysis of Your Roof

Before solar panels are installed having a structural analysis on your roof is almost always required. The result isn’t always what you, the solar customer wants to hear. Your roof may not meet the standards it needs to, to have solar panels installed. In this situation the best thing you can do is call an experienced roofer like United Home Experts to have a new roof installed at your home. Even if you decide to put the installation of solar panels off for the time being, you do not want a poor roof on your home.

Solar Panels & Your Roof

solar-panels-871284454772qkB9Solar panels are large pieces of equipment that are being added to your roof and your roof needs to be able to support that extra weight. The time to install a new roof is before the solar panels are in place.

Solar panels on your roof generally last 20-25 years. For that reason it is important that your roof can last just as long! If damaged or warped shingles are present on your roof before you have had solar panels installed it would be extremely beneficial for you to ensure that a new roof is installed at your home, before having solar panels placed on top of it.

Once Solar panels have been installed the cost of a new roof can go up, as you will need to have all of the solar equipment removed and reinstalled during the re-roofing process. For that reason we suggest having a new roof added to your home before you install solar panels. Some installers even say the the solar panels help to protect your investment in a new roof.

Financing & Free Estimates Available

Undoubtedly undertaking two substantial home improvement projects on your home at the same time can be stressful on both your mind and wallet. At United Home Experts we can put both your mind and wallet at ease. Before any work is done, we will send out one of our friendly and professional estimators to provide a detailed estimate on your roof. After the estimate, if you decide you would like to move forward we also have financing options available.